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Why It is Important to Drink More Amount of Pure & Safe Water During Pregnancy

By March 8, 2016blog

Pregnant or not, water is essential for everyone to keep the body healthy. Human body and all the organs need water to function properly. During pregnancy, body needs more water than usual to cope with the demands of the mother’s changing body.

Water is not only important for keeping the blood cells healthy and maintaining the body’s hydration, it also is an essential component of breast milk and important for good lactation.

The basic benefits of drinking water

Consumption of sufficient water prevents dehydration in body. During pregnancy dehydration can lead to numerous complications like headaches, oedema, nausea, dizziness and cramps. In the third trimester, drinking enough water is really important because dehydration can cause contractions that trigger preterm labour.

The best way to verify whether your body is properly hydrated or not is to check the color of your urine. If it’s pale or straw-colored, then everything is fine. If it is dark, then you should drink more water.

Some pregnant women feel that drinking water on a regular basis helps ease the symptoms of morning sickness, acidity, heartburn and indigestion. Water also helps in keeping the body cool, especially in the hot and humid months.

Urinary infection is very common during pregnancy. By drinking adequate amount of water you can certainly prevent the risk of urinary infection.

Adequate amount of water during pregnancy

At least three liters ( 8 to 12 glasses) of water every day should be consumed. During pregnancy doctor recommends to do some light exercises. For each hour of light exercises you do, add another glass of water. During summer, you need to drink more than usual to make up the fluid you lose through sweat.

Juices can also be included. But they can contain extra calories. Avoid caffeinated beverages, like coffee, colas, tea etc.

Ensure the water you drink is pure & safe

Day by day the pollution in the environment and soil is increasing. Thus, you should make sure the water you drink daily is purified in order to prevent the risks of many waterborne diseases. The water that you get directly from tap, well, or other resources carry a host of contaminants, bacterias, viruses, harmful gases etc. Such water causes severe health hazards and serious infections.

So install a water purifier at your home today. Even if you go out, carry a bottle of purified water with you always.

Always remember every ounce of pure and safe water helps ensure a healthy pregnancy

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