immunity boosting water

Boosts mental and physical growth of children

Maintains high energy levels and blood pressure in the body

Maintains the essential pH balance of the water


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'Jal hi Jeevan hai' is a phrase as old as time. It’s essence and value transferred from generation to generation. Water is life and purified water, with essential minerals, that boosts immunity is nothing more than a blessing in itself.

Nasaka Advantage


Ultraviolet Tube for 100% sterilization of water for safe drinking.


Ultrafiltration for double protection to ensure complete removal of any accidental residual impurities.


Multiple Purification stages bring down excessive TDS level removing all impurities and making the water 100% pure.


Maintains the essential ORP and pH levels of the water.

Intelligent Alert LED

Intelligent LEDs that indicate filter life for timely replacement of filter cartridges.

Food Grade Plastic

Whole body is made of high class ABS of food grade quality which is FDA compliant.

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