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This Is How You Choose A Water Purifier

By October 14, 2016blog

They Might Look The Same But They Are Not The Same

Water purifier vary in terms of quality of make and the stages of purification in most cases. They also differ when it comes to their ability to purify and filter the water. Various water purifiers are designed to do eliminate different contaminants. For eg Uv filters are designed to kill microbes, however it does not remove large particulates from your water. So it is very important that you know about the different water purification processes before making a purchase.

Know Your Water Before You Pick Your Purifier

After acquiring basic knowledge about the various water purifiers available in the market, your focus should know shift now towards the quality of your current supply of water. You should get the ph levels and other type of impurities in your water before going ahead with your purchase.
So, which type works for you?
Modern water purifier systems include various filtering stages in their design. They incorporate methods such as reverse osmosis, which removes several impurities from water including total dissolved solids, turbidity, asbestos, lead, and other toxic heavy metals. Activated carbon filtering is often used in water purifier systems because of its ability to remove chemicals. Thus it is useful in removing chlorine and improving the flavor and taste of your water.
Point of use purifiers versus water purifier systems for the whole house, which is best for you?
You will have quite a lot of flexibility in designing your system. Base the components of you system on the needs of your water, and the demands of your pocket book! The more stages of filters in water purifier systems, the more costly the unit will be. However, this may in fact be cheaper than buying the “point of use filters.” Point of use filters refer to units that hook directly up to each faucet, or shower head. Often, if you want a high degree of purification and need a lot of purified water available, water purifier systems maybe cheaper over all when compared to the point of use options.

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