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TDS: What is it and Why is it Important?

By November 29, 2017blog, Health
reverse osmosis water purification system

Water is undoubtedly the most amazing solvent, which we cannot live without and has many benefits. Water helps you in staying hydrated and makes sure that the human body functions in a healthy way. However, clean drinking water is not always germ-free and pure. There could be many kinds of impurities, which include heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides.

Healthy drinking water must contain adequate minerals, which will keep you and your family healthy. At the same time, if it contains excessive minerals, then it could become a problem for your body. Therefore, the drinking water should ideally have a balanced TDS limits. High level of TDS is not good. TDS stands for “Total Dissolved Solids”. In this article, we will discuss TDS and understand its importance.

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS

The freshwater flows on the ground or soil and dissolves almost every kind of minerals that are found in the ground or soil. The ground or soil is usually polluted by wastage overflows, chemicals, and pesticides from the harmful toxins that are released from factories and homes. When the same water goes through metallic pipes, it accepts more solid particles that get dissolved in it. Similarly, the groundwater passes through some strata of the soil and accepts and dissolves minerals as it passes. The overall dissolved impurities that are now present in the water is called the total dissolved solids or simply TDS. TDS can be expressed in mg/l, where mg stands for milligram and l denotes the volume of the water, which can also be referred as “parts per million” or briefly, ppm.

Apart from these, the water contains other pollutants as well such as mud, clay, and dirt. However, these pollutants do not get dissolved in the water. TDS has some very common chemical constituents, such as iron, chloride, fluoride, potassium, sodium, nitrates, phosphates, and calcium.

What is the Ideal TDS Level?

According to World Health Organization (WHO) water that has the TDS level lower than 300mg/l is considered as the ideal level and is excellent for drinking. TDS levels below 1000mg/l, with its maximum concentration, can be considered acceptable for drinking purpose. However, the parameter of acceptance for the minimum TDS of the drinking water sometimes differs and depends upon the circumstances.

As per the “Bureau of Indian Standards”, the ideal concentration of TDS for the drinking water is lower than 300mg/l and the maximum limit that can be considered permissible is 600mg/l. However, in reality, people are still drinking water with TDS much higher than the limit.

People suffering from kidney diseases should drink clean and pure water, which should have TDS level lower than 100 mg/l. However, there are many parts of the country where people suffering from kidney diseases don’t get drinking water with that TDS level. There are other health conditions as well that require the patients to drink water having TDS level lower than 100mg/l. Water that has a very low TDS concentration is not healthy and should not be used for drinking purpose. It is due to the water’s bitter taste as well as the absence of essential minerals that are important for human body.

The Best Solution

There are a number of water purification systems that are available today. The level of TDS in drinking water can only be controlled by the reverse osmosis water purification system. The reverse osmosis water purification system is undoubtedly the best system that removes harmful contaminants and impurities from water.

Nasaka water purifiers offer the best RO water purifiers that would not only make your drinking water safe and healthy but also maintain the ideal TDS levels. The Nasaka water purifiers use the latest technology to make water healthy and safe. With all the latest technologies such as OrpH+, UV, UF, and RO, Nasaka water purifiers will effectively slash the TDS and deliver the best quality water that is safe, tasty, and pure.

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