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Nasaka is Here to Change the Concept of Drinking Water- Forever!

Water filtration

Visit any online e-commerce website or drop by a store to search for the perfect water purifier for your home (or any other place) and you will come to realize that there are so many choices to choose from. So, how to make the right choice?

We require water purifiers everywhere, be it homes, corporate organizations, hospitals, etc. What does a water purifier do exactly? Purify water? How is it different from filtering water, ever given a thought to these crucial questions?

Water filtration VS water purification

Water filtration

As the name suggests, water filtration involves ‘filtrating’ the water, i.e., using a porous substance to remove tangible impurities like stones, dirt, leaves, etc. the process further improves the odour and taste of the water and also reduces the level of harmful chemicals in the water.


  • Boiling
  • Using a sieve

 Water purification

Perhaps a more preferred way to remove the harmful microbes and viruses from the water. Chemicals are used in this process and is a more effective way as it almost kills around 95% of the bacteria.


  • Reverse osmosis
  • Deionization
  • Distillation

Now that we have cleared the air about both the concepts, let us talk about water purifiers in details. Water purifiers are machines that purify the water, obviously. But which one to choose? Search the term ‘buy water purifier’ and a dozen of water purifiers from reputed companies will fill up your screen space. But the real question is which one’s worth buying?

But first, let us focus on the features of a water purifier.

Features of a good water purifier:

1) 2) UV: ultraviolet

3) UF: Ultrafiltration

All these features make constitutes and classifies as a good water purifier. But why settle for good one when you can get a great water purifier?

Introducing the new and improved range of water purifiers by NASAKA. Owned by prominent OKAYA group, the water purification range from NASAKA is a game changer when it comes to water purifiers. What makes NASAKA a bonzer in its category? It’s OrpH+ technology. This breakthrough technology boasts of retaining the important minerals during the filtration process and thereby improves one’s immunity.

None of the water purifiers available in the market have this feature. Every other brands talks and focuses on how their particular product helps in purifying the water or is proven to be a helpful aid in softening the hard water but does it improve your health? Remember, there is a difference in protecting your health, maintaining your good health and improving your health.

At NASAKA, we believe in the blessings- Jugg Jugg Piyo as you will live a longer and a healthier life if your drinking water is pure and you are sure about it. With Nasaka, you can always be health sure. Make the right choice, bring home NASAKA and protect our loved one’s from water borne diseases.

With each sip, you are bound to increase your immunity and feel healthy and happier!

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