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Most ROs give you pure water. Which one gives you healthy water as well?

By October 15, 2018blog

Drinking water and your family’s health are too important to be left to chance. You have to buy a water purifier that not just shields your family against water borne diseases but also gives you water that’s healthy. While regular water purifiers offer you clean drinking water, only a few special ones offer healthy water.

pH balance differentiates between clean and healthy water.

pH is a chemistry term, which is actually a scale to measure the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. The scale runs from 0 to 14, where 7 means the neutral state, and a number below it means an increased acidity, whereas a number above 7 means an increased basicity.

pH level of your drinking water matters a lot because it plays a huge role in balancing your body’s natural pH level i.e. at 7.4. Underground water can have an imbalanced pH level due to a lot of factors, including the natural ones such as bedrock and soil composition around water, organic compounds around the water body, and unnatural ones like dumping chemical waste in the oceans or rivers. Therefore, consuming water which is too acidic (pH<7) can pose various threats to your digestive system and immune response against infections.

OrpH+ technology in Nasaka ROs balances the pH level of drinking water and boosts immunity.

Generally, normal water purifiers, even if they have re-mineralized it during the filtration process, will give you water with a pH value below 7 which means that water is too acidic to consume. It is severely detrimental to your immunity system. Nasaka OrpH+ technology takes care of ORP and pH levels of your water while adding the essential minerals. This ORP and pH balanced water keeps your digestive system healthy while boosting your immunity.

4 reasons why Nasaka ROs are the best choice for you

  1. Not just clean, but 100% health sure water
    Nasaka water purifiers don’t give you just filtered water; but 100% health sure water that boosts your immunity against various infections. With its 7-stage filtration process coupled with new-age OrpH+ technology, Nasaka water purifiers give you the cleanest possible water with added essential minerals.
  2. India’s first water purifier with a 5-year warranty
    Most of the water purifiers in India offers you a warranty of just one year. Nasaka is the first company that offers you an extended warranty of up to 5 years. So if you are looking for a water purifier that not only offers you sure water but a long service life as well with complete peace of mind, then there is no one better than Nasaka.
  3. Ample storage capacity
    Nasaka offers you many variants depending upon your size preferences. Recently, Nasaka launched its Super Connect RO water purifiers series freeing you from the hassle of buying 20 liters jars from the market.
  4. Works with all sources of water
    In metro cities, you might get water from a municipality supply, a bore-well, overhead tanks or taps, Nasaka works equally well with every source of water. Its 7-stage filtration process has the ability to filter any kind of impurities and give you drinking water in its purest form.

Nasaka is the healthcare brand from the Okaya Power Group. In a short span of time, Nasaka has already become the preferred water purifier brand for thousands of households across the country. Owing to its strong Research & Development team, it is constantly introducing revolutionary water purification technologies and making the world healthier.

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