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Monsoon Festival of India

By August 23, 2017blog
Monsoon festival of India

If you wish to visit an exotic country with cultural disparities, multiple languages spoken, and unlimited cuisines to try from and where a language is just a number, India is a place to be. India is the land of everything unique and cultural. And if talking about culture, how can we forget the festivals?

Our nation is the land of many festivals. Diwali, Eid, Rakhabhandhan, Dusshera, etc. are some of the major festivals that are celebrated in our country to name a few. Every month there is some or the other festivities taking place in the different parts of the country. With around 29 different states, 22 major languages spoken in India, and different religions being followed in India, it is only natural that every state will have their unique culture. Festivals bring everyone closer. It is one such thing that requires no language, only people with one motive- to enjoy the festivities and be a part of it all with all of their heart. Every festival has its own significance and a reason why is it celebrated.

Thanks to global warming, monsoon in India has become a rarity. But just imagine enjoying the festivals with water! There are some festivals celebrated in the monsoon season. Read below to find out more…

1. Teej:
This is a festival for the married Hindu women, the Haritalika teej is celebrated in the monsoon. This is dedicated to goddess Parvati and is celebrated in almost all parts of India. Dancing and humming to the traditional songs, this festival is widely celebrated with enthusiasm and high spirits.

2. Onam:
Probably the biggest festival of the people of Kerala, Onam is celebrated with ten days of feasting, song, dance, and music. Each day has its own importance and significance and things like flower arrangement and amazing designs are some of the major attractions of the festivals.

3.Rakhsha Bandhan:
This festival celebrates the pure brother-sister relationship in India. The day symbolizes affection, love and their holy bond and it’s probably the most popular monsoon festival of India.

This unique monsoon festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu by the Tamilian women during mid July-August. Unlike other festivals, this actually pays tribute to water and its life sustaining properties and is mostly celebrated near rivers, lakes, wells, etc.

5. Minjair
The lively festival of Himachal Pradesh is celebrated at Chamba Minijar is celebrated in July. This is more of a thanksgiving ceremony to the almighty and the God of rain and requesting him for a good harvest, every year.

This is not it; there are other monsoon festivals in India, namely

• Rath Yatra
• Shravani Mela
• Krishna Janmashtami
• Ganesh Chaturthi
• Ganga Dussehra
• Avani Avittam

Each festival is special and unique in its own way; some celebrates truth over evil, a tribute to some particular God, a women only festival, etc. But all of them are celebrated with great enthusiasm, zeal and during the monsoon.
And, if you ever plan to visit any of these states during the monsoons, make sure you are a part of it.

Happy Monsoon everybody!

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