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Maintaining Your RO Water Purifier

Maintaining Your RO Water Purifier

An RO water purifier works on the basis of the process called Reverse Osmosis. In reverse osmosis process, a solvent is forced to cross over a semi-permeable membrane from a high concentration region to a low concentration region by applying pressure. This process is exactly opposite of the natural process called osmosis. As the whole process of water purification in your RO water purifier is based on the principle of Reverse Osmosis, the maintenance of the semi-permeable polymer-based membrane, popularly called RO membrane, is of utmost importance for the longevity and proper functioning of the RO Water Purifier. It is therefore also essential to get an overview of the working of the RO system in order to make sure its smooth operation.

Your RO Water Purifier is usually equipped with different components like Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and Regular Filter Changes etc. for protecting the RO membrane. These components come in addition to the Ultra Violet light treatment unit. The purpose of the Ultraviolet light treatment component is included in the RO purifier to kill the microorganisms present in the water. It is important to carry out regular servicing of the RO Water Purifier unit in order to ensure continuous output of purest water. Furthermore, the RO Water Purifier also must maintain a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 100-200 mg/litre. Lesser or more than this limit is not considered healthy as per World Health Organization’s recommendation.

For ensuring proper functioning of your RO Water Purifier, you may take the following precautions-

  • Sedimentation filter: The sedimentation filter is the first stage of the RO Water Purifier unit and it blocks the impurities like sand etc from reaching the RO membrane. Make sure that the sedimentation filter is cleaned regularly to avoid clogging and additional pressure on the water pump.
  • Carbon filter:The carbon filter is the second stage of a conventional RO water purifier and it removes the heavy metals and compounds like pesticides from water. Timely servicing of the carbon filter ensures proper functioning of the RO water purifier and in turn enhances the taste of the water in addition to making the water pure.
  • Ultra violet (UV) light unit: The ultra violet light unit kills the microorganisms left in the water after purification or the water to be added to the purified water to maintain the TDS. You must ensure that the UV light is working well and change it if its not functioning properly.
  • Ultra Filtration (UF): The UF uses fine fibres to remove the extra hardness from the water. You should change the removable UF kit at regular specified intervals depending upon the nature of the input water quality and make of the RO water purifier.
  • Filter Flow Restrictor (FFR): The rate of waste water dispelling from the RO is controlled by a valve, called Filter Flow Restrictor, fixed at the waste outlet pipe. Make sure that you install the proper FFR to avoid excessive water wastage or lesser efficiency of the RO purification.
  • The RO membrane: The RO membrane is the heart and soul of your RO water purifier. RO membrane of appropriate gauze is installed in the RO unit in accordance with the input water’s hardness and TDS. You must regularly check the TDS of the purifier water and if it is not in the stipulated range, check your you RO membrane and arrange for a replacement if required.

Timely servicing of your RO unit will keep your RO water purifier live longer and ensure the purest water to your family!

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