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Is Borewell Water Safe for Drinking

By February 29, 2016blog

In our previous post, we already have given you a clear insight on how borewell water is becoming unsafe day by day, what the necessity of testing your area’s borewell water is, and how the water purifier can be saviour of you.

As we promised before, we will help you have a profound understanding about all the problems associated with borewell water in this post. Let’s have a look.

Arsenic in borewell water

This is one ofthe major issues of borewell water in many areas around the world. This can be dissolved in water and has no odor or taste, thus it is difficult for you to know about its presence in water unless the water is tested. So if you are about to use borewell water for consumption, then testing it for arsenic is important.

Consumption of such impure water for long can cause acute damage to health. You get slowly poisoned and with time you will face severe health hazards and even early death. Arsenic and other heavy metals are the most dangerous aspects of drinking well water.

Odor in borewell water

Sometimes borewell water smells like rotten egg due to being contaminated by sulfur compounds which cause Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)  gas to form in the water. This gas creates extremely bad odor , just like the smell of rotten egg, in water. In one of our previous posts, you can find more details about the harmful effect of this gas in drinking water and how it can be removed.

Muddy water problem

When the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particles’ presence in it, the water becomes turbid. dirt and mud in water can cause high level of turbidity and thus, the water becomes unsafe to drink.

Iron in borewell water

Iron is spotted almost everywhere on the surface of the earth. This is true that human body needs iron to function accurately. But iron, like many substances, is toxic at high dosages. Drinking iron contaminated borewell water for long can cause severe health problems. The taste of water becomes unpleasant. Using such water for cooking, dishwashing, washing clothes and many other household works should also be avoided, because iron can clog the home appliances, make the sinks,  tubs, pipes stained, and even affect food and beverages.

Hope, now you have got complete idea about the borewell related problems and how the contaminants make the water impotable and cause unpleasant taste and smell in water.

Best solution of making borewell water safe to drink is RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier. The advanced filtration technology used in such purifier is the most reliable and practical  way of getting rid of impurities dissolved in water. An RO water purifier has the capacity to remove even the metallic taste and odor from water.

So, go for RO purifier, and stop the damage borewell water causes from today.

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