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Ionization vs Reverse Osmosis Purification System: Which One is Better & Why

By March 10, 2016blog

This is a known fact that water purification systems remove contaminants and particles from water. The environment around us is getting polluted day by day. Thus, the private and public water supply systems usually need additional treatment to ensure purity in water. Purification devices remove chemicals, organisms as well as bad odor and taste. Both the RO (Reverse Osmosis) water and the ionization systems improve the condition of contaminated water.

In this modern age man has progressed and technology has been advanced widely. This leads to severe industrial and environmental pollution, requiring high quality water purification methods. RO membranes are created as cost-effective purification method and ionization method took advantage of molecular ion exchange.

Let’s explore in detail these two purification methods and know which one is better in making water safe for consumption.


By eliminating inorganic compounds, ionization softens hard water. In this process two sodium ions are exchanged for every magnesium or calcium ion using resin beads. The resin is regenerated after the ion exchange. However, particles or bacteria cannot be removed during this process from water. Though the initial investment is quite low for ionization, resin systems have high and long-term operating costs due to the resin bead replacement.

Reverse Osmosis:

RO water purifier removes around 90 to 99% of all water contaminants. The semipermeable membrane in the system removes salts, minerals, heavy metals and particulates. In an RO water purifier, water having more than the expected salt substance is put in one portion of a vessel with two compartments separated by special media and the hydraulic pressure is implemented on the water. As a result, pure water goes over the media to the next compartment whereas the salts stay in the first compartment. The semipermeable membrane is really fine and thus when the water flows through this every tiny contaminant and impurity can be caught and all you have pure and safe drinking water. This purifier also helps in removing harmful gases, bad odor and metallic taste from water. Thus, the water becomes completely refreshing.

Hope, you have realized by following the ionization to purify water you cannot have completely safe and potable water. Only an RO purification system makes water safe for consumption. Trusting an RO water purifier that is made using advanced technology is a wise decision to take. So, bring home the RO water purifier today, stop getting worried about the impurities in your water supply and live a healthy life stress-freely.

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