‘Jal hi Jeevan hai’ is a phrase as old as time. It’s essence and value transferred from generation to generation. Water is Life and purified water, with essential minerals, that boosts immunity is nothing more than a blessing in itself.

Storage tank capacity 20 litres.

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12 Months warranty

Water is important everywhere. From home to offices and everywhere in between, the requirement of purified drinking water is irrespective of time and place. Keeping these different requirements in mind, we, at Nasaka, have come up with different ranges of water purifiers along with different functionalities to answer to the water purifier requirement right from home to offices and even monetary-wise.

The Gravity Operated from Nasaka is the best choice of water purifiers when it comes to purifying water while keeping things pocket-friendly. With 6 stage filtration process and 2 sediment filters, the Nasaka Gravity Operated is one of the few water purifiers in this segment that effectively removes 100% iron from the water making it odor free and pure. These Gravity Operated from Nasaka are also fitted with Tourmaline balls for improving the overall body metabolism. Available in sleek body designs, the Nasaka Gravity Operated are not only easy to operate and install but also, very effective when it comes to purifying water for drinking purpose. The Nasaka Gravity Operated range of water purifier is one of the most popular choices as these are packed with functionality and are also available at very reasonable rates.