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Get in Touch with Your Inner Soul with Crystal Infused Water

Crystal infused water

Everyone is so engrossed and engaged with their monotonous life-cycle of work and home that they forget to take a break, just to relax, just to breathe. While we are busy handling our personal and corporate lives, without realising, we end up neglecting our health.

Gym, jogging, yoga, etc. are some of the ways one can keep an eye on their health. But if you are a lazy and a slothful person, just the word gym would have you in shooks. Fruit/ herb infused water is probably the best option for those of you who wish to lose weight without spending a day at the gym. But if you wish to purify your mind, body and soul, you should give a try to the newest hydrated trend- the crystal or gem infused water.

As the name suggests, the crystal infused water involves water with infused gems or precious stones. Yes, you read it right. Now people are actually adding precious stones and gemstones to their water bottle, water jugs and pitchers for a very good reason. The crystal/ gemstones infused water is a new concept wherein we use various kind of gemstones to instill self—love, wellness, confidence and good vibes. So if you wish to just relax by drinking water then try this elixir which is the best way to relax easily. Make crystal infused water at your home and drink it every day because it is the perfect elixir to help our body, mind to feel spiritually at peace.

Believe it or not, crystal infused water has so many positive effects on our body and mind that the trend is now catching on. You should be very clear on why you are making this crystal or gemstone infused water.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

What will you need?

  • A crystal/ stone
  • Water

Please choose your stone/ crystal according to what you wish to achieve with this. If you’re clueless, on which one to choose, you can get started with these:

  • Rose quartz: for the vibration of self-love
  • Shngite: helps in detoxifying and cleansing of the body
  • Clear quartz: for boosting immunity and to balance the body energetically
  • Citrine: if you wish to add more abundance in your life

What actually happens when you decide to include the magic of gem infused water in your lives?

After you have decided which stone you will use, place it in cold salt water for three days. Another thing that you can try is leaving it outside under the moon so it can soak up the lunar energy. After either of the procedures, you can now use your stone and enjoy its long term calming benefits.

Once you start using it, you will realize that it is sweeter than your regular drinking water and it will bring positive changes to your body. If the water starts to lose its taste, it means it’s time to re-charge the crystal again.

It is up to you to decide and figure out what would you like to manifest in your life. Think strongly on what is missing from your life and which crystal will help to achieve your goal. Remember, it will help you to heal from inside.

Just a friendly warning, if you wish to try this, remember not all can be used. Some can do more harm than good. So research properly before using the particular gems.

From boiling the water to using chemicals to using multi-stages RO UV UF Water Purifier filter, we have come a long way to making the water drinkable.





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