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Everything you Need to know About The Under The Counter Water Purifier


Gone are the days when water purifiers used to be a luxury item. In these days, it has become a necessity owing to the enhanced amount of contamination. According to the quality of water, one can select from UV, UF or RO water purifiers. Tabletop and wall mounted water purifiers contribute to being the most common choices when it comes to choosing water purifiers. It is possible to install these type of water purifiers without any hassles as compared to traditional Indian style homes. However, installation of these purifiers in the kitchen can be troublesome as they consume an ample amount of space. In such scenarios, it is recommended to buy under-the-counter water purifiers. This article discusses benefits, features and everything you need to know about the under-the-counter water purifier:

How these purifiers are different the others

As the name suggests, these type of water purifiers is placed under the sink or kitchen counter, thereby saving an ample amount of space. It is the space saving technology that makes them distinct from other kinds of water purifiers, that are available in the market. The best thing about them is that you can connect them directly to the refrigerator or kitchen tap.

Benefits of under-the-counter water purifiers

 High flow rate

A significant benefit of opting these water purifiers are the high flow rate. The water purifiers make use of hydrostatic tank and owing to which the water comes out with a great pressure and flow. The hydrostatic tanks are responsible for maintaining the optimal pressure, that contributes to a higher flow rate of water. Owing to this high pressure, a bottle of water can be filled within a time duration of 10-15 seconds.

Saving counter-top space

One of the primary benefits of under-the-counter water purifier is the space-saving design. These water purifiers are placed under the sink, thereby adding to the look of the kitchen. Thus, you do not need to make adjustments on the kitchen countertop for accommodating the same.

No spillage of water

The main benefit of these under-the-counter water purifier is that there is no spillage of water. They comprise of a curved tap, fitted on top of the sink and placed adjacent to the main water tap. You just require starting the tap after putting the bottle in the sink.

Important parameters to check

If you wish to purchase an under-the-counter water purifier, make sure to have a check on the following parameters:

  • In these type of purifiers, water is dispensed through the tap. While buying these water purifiers, you need to ensure that the faucet or tap can be availed with the purifier. In case there is no availability of faucet of the top, you require purchasing it separately.
  • You need to ensure that the place where the installation of water purifier will be accomplished is free from dirt. There should not be any leakage from the sink below which you require placing the water purifier. The place where there will be the installation of water purifier should be hygienic and clean.
  • Under-the-counter water purifiers require a consistent supply of running water for smoother operation. You need to make sure that the sink where you wish to install the water purifier should have a supply of running water continuously.
  • It is essential to connect the water purifiers to the socket with the objective of the power supply. You need to ensure that the place where the purifier will be placed possesses a wall socket for avoiding any issue during the installation.
  •  The kitchen top needs to have a hole for fixing the tap. If there is no space in the kitchen top to fix the tap, you need to ensure to drill a hole for fixing the tap to the water purifier.


If you wish to install the Nasaka Ro purifiers, you should make sure to take care of the above-mentioned points prior to making a purchase decision.

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