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Essential Life Hacks to Save Water, Everyday!

By August 10, 2017blog, Health
Essential life hacks to save water

Water is the only substance available on this planet that cannot be replaced. This irreplaceable life giving substance is available in limited amount and therefore must be used judicially. We require it for drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and what not? Can you imagine any corporate or industrial sector where its use is proven to be insignificant? It is used to run machines, used to produce electricity, used in labs, schools, hospitals, etc.

Water is essential for the existence of every living organism on this planet be it humans, animals, and plants. None of the bodily functions can be performed properly if we or any other organism does not drink enough on a daily basis. Over the years we have seen controversies and debates on how it is not used properly in the entertainment industries. Many campaigns to have been initiated to create awareness about the way it is being used relentlessly. For example using too much of it in shooting of the commercials, using it to show special effects on the silver screen, etc. Small steps matter and since we all cannot be a part in saving water on a global level, we can always do our bit by taking the precautionary steps, right at our homes!

We might have come across various means and measures to save the precious liquid at some point or the other but have we ever really paid attention to any of those? Remember, we may be having uninterrupted amount to drink and to play with, but there are others who struggle for every drop. Below are some easy steps that can make a huge difference in saving this irreplaceable substance. Read on and find out how…

Ask yourselves, which is the place where we use to water the most, obviously the bathroom. Conserve in the bathroom with simple tips:

  • Don’t keep it running while brushing teeth.
  • Look out for leaks in the taps and faucets.
  • Use a bucket instead of using a shower.
  • If you intend on taking a shower anyway, then don’t take an unnecessary long shower.

A kitchen is another place where the work just cannot be done with using water. Can food be prepared without it? No! Continue on reading to know about some useful tips that will help conserve it in a kitchen:

  • Wash your fruits and vegetables in a container rather than washing them in running water.
  • Keep a check on the taps and turn them off when not using them.
  • Try re-using it. For example use the same water you used to wash the vegetables, to water the plants.
  • Use the same water that you use to boil water, to boil the veggies.

There are other significant ways to save water like:

  • Install a water meter at your home.
  • Install a cistern displacement system device in your toilet cistern.
  • Install and place a water butt wherever necessary.
  • Use a watering can to water the plants and ensure that each drop is used efficiently. Do NOT water at night as it will do more harm than good.
  • Make sure that the washing machine that you use (or intend to buy) uses less water. Not only it will conserve water but also help lower your electricity bill.
  • Try saving rainwater and use it to water the plants, wash clothes, wash your cars, etc.
  • Use the water from AC to wash your hair.
  • Flush only when required.

Hope that you will take every above-mentioned point into consideration and will try your level best to conserve the H2O!

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