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Drink PURE Water and Be Health SURE

Drink PURE Water and Be Health SURE

Water is essential to every living organism. No one can survive without water, be it plants, animals and obviously the human beings. We need water to survive, to quench our thirst, to boost metabolism, for every chores and purpose.  Even the machines need water in some form (hydroelectricity) to function well.

Our body is composed of almost 70% water, therefore it is often recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Our immune system too needs water to function well. The human immune system fights off harmful bacteria and viruses that are deleterious to our health. If ever, the immune system may get weak, we need to take precautionary steps to ensure that

Water is the only substance without which no living being can ever survive. It is required because:Nourishes and protects the brain

  • Improves bowel system
  • Removes the excretory waste from the body
  • Nourishes the spinal cord and the tissues of the body
  • Acts as the transportation systems for the nutrients so that it reaches all parts of the body
  • Helps in digestion

Our brain, alone, is made up of 85% water. Overall, water plays a vital role in almost all the bodily functions. Some believe that it is okay to drink sodas and other soft drinks as it has water in it too, but it is a lesser known fact that they actually steal a good amount of water from the body. It is therefore advised to consume less carbonated drinks and drink water to have a healthier mind too.

If the water is debased, i.e. contaminated, untreated or infected, it will harm your body in more ways than one. Apart from weakness, it makes you prone to a lot of water-borne diseases such as:





-Hepatitis A Drink PURE water

-Lead Poisoning


-Polyomavirus -Infection

Polio (Infantile -Paralysis)




-Intestinal Worms

-Trachoma (Eye Infection)

-Typhoid Fever



So what to do in order to prevent yourselves from these deadly diseases we REMOVE the harmful substances? There are mainly two ways to remove it- by filtering the water or by it.

We ask you, Filtration VS purification- which one is better? Before getting on the debate, let us first define them.

Water filtration is the process in which a filter is used to remove (filter out) the harmful substances in the water. The filter further improves the odour and taste of the water. On the other hand, water purification is technology based that used advanced methods like deionization, distillation, reverse osmosis methods to purify water, making it fit for drinking.

No matter what you use to make water fit for drinking, make sure that it is free from all the microbes, bacteria, sediments, toxins and volatile organic chemicals.

From boiling the water to using chemicals to using multi stages RO water purification systems, we have come a long way to making the water drinkable.


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