OKAYA Foundation With a firm belief in ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ and being committed to integrity, responsibility and generosity, Okaya has established an initiative in the name of ‘OKAYA FOUNDATION’ as its social responsibility towards less privileged sections of society.

“Seer utha ke jiyo” is an initiative of Mr. Anil Gupta under landmark TMLP-Game in the world with a view of job creation for the needy and the unemployed by providing free periodical training in the repair and installation of water purifiers, inverters and batteries.

Recently, under Okaya Skill Development Program, ‘Installation & Repair Training: Water Purifier, Battery, UPS & Inverter’ was organized on 23 Oct. 2011 at head office, New Delhi. Similar training programs are planned in near future to encourage employment opportunities for jobless needy people.

The ambitious upcoming plans of Okaya Foundation is to launch Pyaase ko Paani and Power for Poor by 2012. Under Pyaase ko paani, foundation seeks to provide clean water to the remote areas of the country where pure water is only a dream as supply of water is also not proper. Under Power for Poor, foundation aims to provide electricity to the remote rural regions of the country.

Free Education for fatherless needy children Company is providing free schooling for father less needy children in the name of SANDEEP GUPTA MEMORIAL CHARITABLE TRUST (SGMCT).