‘Jal hi Jeevan hai’ is a phrase as old as time. It’s essence and value transferred from generation to generation. Water is Life and purified water, with essential minerals, that boosts immunity is nothing more than a blessing in itself.

Multiple Purification stages bring down excessive TDS level removing all impurities and making the water 100% pure.

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12 Months warranty

Water is important everywhere. From home to offices and everywhere in between, the requirement of purified drinking water is irrespective of time and place. Keeping these different requirements in mind, we, at Nasaka, have come up with different ranges of water purifiers along with different functionalities to answer to the water purifier requirement right from home to offices and even monetary-wise.

It is very important to have a good and trustworthy source of purified water mainly in office complexes or commercial houses. Mostly because all the people at an office or business center consume water from the same source and if the quality of water is not good enough, the chances of mass disease outspread increases by leaps and bounds. With the commercial range of Nasaka RO Water Purifiers that comes with the innovative OrpH+ technology, it gets extremely easier to source 100% sure drinking water for a large number of people. The Commercial range of RO Water Purifiers from Nasaka comes with a huge capacity as well as an excellent output rate of purified water. With technologies such as OrpH+, UF, UV, etc., the lucrative price range and easy installation, the Nasaka Commercial RO range is the premium choice when it comes to commercial ROs.