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list of best water purifiers

Best Water Purifiers Under Rs.10000

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Human beings require water for functionality and survival. Dehydration can result in failure of organs, hallucination, severe fatal diseases and internal malfunctioning if water is not consumed in an adequate manner. Our whole body requires the proper amount of water. For procuring a healthier well being, it is essential to drink pure water to stay away from diseases.

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Maintaining Your RO Water Purifier

Maintaining Your RO Water Purifier

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An RO water purifier works on the basis of the process called Reverse Osmosis. In reverse osmosis process, a solvent is forced to cross over a semi-permeable membrane from a high concentration region to a low concentration region by applying pressure. This process is exactly opposite of the natural process called osmosis. As the whole process of water purification in your RO water purifier is based on the principle of Reverse Osmosis, the maintenance of the semi-permeable polymer-based membrane, popularly called RO membrane, is of utmost importance for the longevity and proper functioning of the RO Water Purifier. It is therefore also essential to get an overview of the working of the RO system in order to make sure its smooth operation.

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Application of Science in Reverse Osmosis

The Application of Science in Reverse Osmosis

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As the name suggests, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the exact opposite process osmosis. Osmosis is the process in which the solvent from a region of lower solute concentration crosses over a semi-permeable membrane to a region of higher concentration. For instance, if a raisin is kept in water for some time, it swells up by gaining water. Here the sugar and other solvent content are much higher inside the raisin as compared to the ambient water surrounding it.

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Pure Water

Pure Water – A life-sustaining necessity for every growing child

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Water is life. Life without water is not possible on earth. After air, water is the next vital element for the survival of living creatures. And there is no substitute for water. The human body’s 70% mass is water, in both adults as well children. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain the water content in our body in order to maintain homeostasis and regulate and function properly. Hence, it is of paramount importance to take water in adequate quantity.

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best water treatment system for your home

Choosing Home Water Treatment System

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Choosing the right water treatment system for your home can be daunting at times. With a wide number of products to select from, there are higher chances that you will get lost along the way. The water treatment products which you require choosing include different devices and technologies for use in various areas of your home. Different types of water treatment systems are available in the market and the most common ones include water distillers, reverse osmosis systems and water filters. For easing out the pain during the selection pain, keep reading the article.

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Your kids to Drink More Water

How to Get Your kids to Drink More Water

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Water is vital for the health of your child. It plays an indispensable role in hydrating the body, regulating the temperature of the body. It is also vital for the prevention of constipation and urinary tract infections. You will be able to keep a wide number of diseases at bay as you make your kids drink more water. They will have smooth and gentle skin as they drink more water on a regular basis. However, making kids drink water can be a hassle some process. Most children do not like drinking water and hence parents keep looking for ways to make the kids drink more water.

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homes water problem

What is your homes water problem?

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Easy and hassle-free access to water should not be taken for granted. There are chances that something is not right with the quality of water and you need to fix it as soon as possible. There can be more than one issue with the quality of water at home. Keep reading this article in order to identify the different problems which can occur with the water at your home.

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borewell water

Water purifier for Borewell Water

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In India, almost all families are dependent on well water or borewell water. In most cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, people are dependent on borewell water for the purpose of drinking. Borewell water is considered to be a safe option for the drinking process. It is however not completely pure owing to the contamination level and hardness.

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Best Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier To Buy This Season

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Drinking pure water is a prerequisite for the healthy living of an individual. Water purifiers are considered to be the best options as they remove the different unwanted particles, chemicals, and minerals from the water. It also helps in reducing the pH balance of the water. By reducing the ORP level, it makes water acidic in nature. Choosing the best water purifier for your family can be complex and difficult if you do not have the prerequisite knowledge.

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5 Health Problems Caused Due to Drinking Less Water

5 Health Problems Caused Due to Drinking Less Water

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It is known to all that water has an indispensable role when it comes to controlling the functions of the whole body. Water is also beneficial in controlling those diseases which can be spread in case you do not drink water in abundant quantity. However, there are a lot of people who ignore drinking water in sufficient quantities in spite of knowing how important it is for your health. Drinking pure water on a regular basis ensures that your body receives a consistent supply of the fluids which is necessary for the proper functioning.

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Everything you Need to know About The Under The Counter Water Purifier

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Gone are the days when water purifiers used to be a luxury item. In these days, it has become a necessity owing to the enhanced amount of contamination. According to the quality of water, one can select from UV, UF or RO water purifiers. Tabletop and wall mounted water purifiers contribute to being the most common choices when it comes to choosing water purifiers. It is possible to install these type of water purifiers without any hassles as compared to traditional Indian style homes.

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Ro Water Filtration System

Details about OrpH+ Technology Water Filtration System

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The importance of water for human life cannot be underestimated. Be it your office or home, the need for purified drinking water is paramount regardless of the place and time. With various requirements in mind, Nasaka has come with a wide array of water purifiers in addition to different functionalities for providing purified water in home and office. The primary objective of these filtration systems is offering pure water to you so that you stay healthy.

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Cleaning the RO water filter successfully

Tips for Cleaning a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

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Reverse osmosis water filtration systems, also referred to as hyper filtration systems or RO systems are recognized to be the top water purification systems found. This is primarily owing to the wide array of contaminants of water that can be removed by the systems. Cleaning the RO water filter is considered to be vital for periodical maintenance for conferring the best ever results and avoiding serious damages

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How you can improve your Home Water

How you can improve your Home Water

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Thomas Fuller once said that people will never understand the water’s actual worth till the day when all well will be dry! However, it’s not just water that needs to be ensured in our homes. Healthy and clean water is a must for the well-being of a person. You should make sure that the water, which is being used by you and your family is one hundred percent safe, pure and most importantly, contamination-free. In order to make sure that the water is free from impurities, you can always install one water purifier. There are a number of water purifiers that ensure safe, healthy and clean water. You can select UV/UF or RO water purifiers and make sure that your family is getting healthy, contamination-free drinking water.

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Monsoon festival of India

Monsoon Festival of India

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If you wish to visit an exotic country with cultural disparities, multiple languages spoken, and unlimited cuisines to try from and where a language is just a number, India is a place to be. India is the land of everything unique and cultural. And if talking about culture, how can we forget the festivals?

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Essential life hacks to save water

Essential Life Hacks to Save Water, Everyday!

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Water is the only substance available on this planet that cannot be replaced. This irreplaceable life giving substance is available in limited amount and therefore must be used judicially. We require it for drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and what not? Can you imagine any corporate or industrial sector where its use is proven to be insignificant? It is used to run machines, used to produce electricity, used in labs, schools, hospitals, etc.

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Water is Life Don’t Waste IT

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Water is indeed… life! Water is imperative for any living organism to survive and hence the value of water is priceless. Many people are however ignorant of the water’s value and hence the wastage of water is one of the most serious concerns in today’s time. There are various ways of conserving water and more you conserve water, the better the future becomes.

Water filtration

Nasaka is Here to Change the Concept of Drinking Water- Forever!

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Visit any online e-commerce website or drop by a store to search for the perfect water purifier for your home (or any other place) and you will come to realize that there are so many choices to choose from. So, how to make the right choice?

We require water purifiers everywhere, be it homes, corporate organizations, hospitals, etc. What does a water purifier do exactly? Purify water? How is it different from filtering water, ever given a thought to these crucial questions?

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Rose water

Say Adieu to Skin Problems with Easy Water Beauty Hacks

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India is a country brimmed with all sorts of pollution- water, noise, and air. Unbreathable air, toxic water, loud music, lack of proper sanitation places, etc. are common occurrences in the exotic country of India. Among these three, one type is something that no one can ever escape- air pollution. No matter where you go, where you travel, you will always be a victim of air pollution, no matter what.

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Water Pollution- The silent killer

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Water pollution is responsible for many mishappenings in the past. From untimely death of toddlers to damaging the aquatic life, it is continuously proving to be a baleful every living organism alike.
Wake up, save water before we are left with no drop to drink but only regrets to fill our voids of despair.
 Water Pollution- The silent killer


Fascinating Water Bodies in India that are Perfect for Insta-clicks!

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Our exotic country is one such nation where you will find almost every type of landforms- valleys, mountains, plains, plateaus, and even beaches. From breath-taking hilly areas to flowery valleys to green plains to picture-perfect beaches, India does have it all. India is home to some of the most beautiful water bodies in the world, be it oceans, lakes, streams, seas, and even rivers, when it comes to water based destinations, India is the place to be.

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This Is Why Having A Commercial Water Purifier Necessary

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Harmful substances are present in our regular water systems that makes having a commercial water purifier so important. In a country like India, people are getting more and more worried about the quality of water they consume. Tap waters more often than not contain a lot of harmful metals, if consumed daily these chemicals can lead to a lot of health problems the treatment of such ailments are very expensive most of the times. This is precisely the reason why many businesses are switching over to purified water and the best and the most economical way to do this is by installing a commercial RO water purifier.

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This Is How You Choose A Water Purifier

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They Might Look The Same But They Are Not The Same

Water purifier vary in terms of quality of make and the stages of purification in most cases. They also differ when it comes to their ability to purify and filter the water. Various water purifiers are designed to do eliminate different contaminants.

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5 Facts About The Best Water Purifiers For Home

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Our body is made up of 70% water and that fact is known to almost everyone. Water is 6th on the chart of essential nutrients required by our body. That is why people emphasis on consuming atleast 8 glasses of water a day. With almost everything being impure these days it is imperative to consume clean water by any means and this is enough reason why people want the best water purifier for home.

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Does You Water Contain Iron? Is it A good or a bad thing?

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Iron is a natural mineral present in nearly every water supply, whether municipally provided or drawn from a private well, and it has both beneficial and adverse effects. Trace amounts of iron in the water contribute to the water’s alkalinity, making it tastier, more nutritious, and easier to digest. However, high levels of iron in the water can result in undesired effects, such as red, yellow, or brown stains on appliances and in sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

There are three types of iron that can be present in any given water supply:

Clear water iron exists in trace amounts in virtually all water supplies but is typically not an issue. It can, however, contribute to scale build-up on appliances and pipe walls in higher concentrations.

Red water iron is most often present in well water, but it may also be a concern in certain city water supplies. Red water iron is the cause of red rust stains in toilets, sinks, and bathtubs and also creates a bad flavor in drinking water.

Organic/bacteria iron is a waste byproduct of microorganisms in water and can be present in both city and well water. This type of iron also gives water a bad flavor and causes brownish stains in appliances, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

How to Treat Iron in Your Water

Fortunately, there are some very effective solutions to the problems caused by excess iron levels. A standard water softener and reverse osmosis systemwill efficiently remove clear water iron in most cases. If you have abnormally high concentrations of clear water iron, any amount of red water iron, or organic/bacteria iron, an iron reduction system presents a more effective solution. You can check out for India’s Best ro water purifer systems.

Iron reduction systems work by “trapping” the iron molecules in the water with the use of a special filter media comprised of a calcite, corosex, and sand mixture. The trapped iron is held in the mineral tank and then flushed down the drain during each backwash cycle.

These systems are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is simply replenish the filter media the same as you would the salt in a water softener.

While iron is a beneficial and necessary ingredient to any balanced water product, it can certainly cause a host of unwelcome problems, depending on the levels and the type(s) of iron in your water. In most cases, iron is not an issue of concern, but unwanted stains are a clear indication of a larger problem. If excess iron has become a problem in your home’s water, an iron reduction system may be just the simple solution you need.

Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

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Did you know approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water. Water is equated with ‘life’ since it is the main regulator of out body’s function. It is the main source of energy transportation in our cells. All the electric and magnetic signals that our body uses are dependent on water. In the article below we will tell 5 most important benefits of drinking pure water.

1. Energizes The Skin

Pure water energizes the skin’s photo sensitive and energy sensitive nerve endings that recieve and transmit signals, making them more responsive, In simple words it makes your skin look more radiant and fresh. It also protects both the skin and mucous membrane barrier functions and acts as an antioxidant by flushing oxidants and other toxins out through the kidneys. In addition, the sinuses drain better when they are well hydrated and their mucous membrane is more resistant to infection.

2. Brain Vitality

Are body contains 60% of water, but did you know our brain is made up of almost 80% of water. Drinking pure water not only keeps you relaxed but also helps in better functioning of the brain.

3. Helps In Avoiding Diseases

Drinking pure water can help you stay hydrated for longer periods of time. Drinking pure water helps in decreasing the toxic levels in your body and protects you from ‘toxin overloading’. If you are drinking pure water than you can easily avoid diseases like typhoid, cholera etc.

4. Metabolism Booster

Pure water acts a natural booster of metabolism, if you are sweating it out at the gym and still not achieving the desired results, try drinking 8 glasses of pure water everyday. Regulating proper water flow in the body can shoot up your metabolism by upto 20%.

5. Kind To Your Kidney

Did you know that our kidneys process over 200 quarts of blood daily? It removes waste and transports urine to the bladder. Gosh! that’s a lot of work for our bean shaped organ, by drinking pure water you reduce the stress on your kidney.

8 Advantages Of Boiling Water

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Water boiled before drinking it is one of the recommended practice by health officers especially in the third world countries where their source of drinking water is not safe and sometimes the causes for some incidence of common illness for children.

Those living in the remote areas, in the farms and far flung barrios are the one victims of these infectious diseases of catching water-borne diseases because of drinking unsafe water.

To ward-off the impending occurrence of water-borne diseases, boiling your drinking water is the safest way. Study shows, that water boiled for three minutes kills bacteria, including disease-causing organisms and giardia cysts. However, boiling concentrates inorganic impurities such as nitrate and sulfates. Water that undergoes heating process also tastes flat because the carbon dioxide is removed.

In the most advanced countries, drinking water is safe and they’re already treated to meet International Safety Standard, not like in the poor countries that they’ve to dwell on making some innovation just to give safe drinking water to its populace.

And heating their water before drinking is only the best alternatives.

8 Advantages

  • Kills some bacteria, viruses, cysts and worms.
  • The simplest and easiest method of disinfecting to remove pathogens from the water.
  • Removes some microorganisms and some chemicals and other components that can be present in drinking water.
  • Effective in destroying several classes of waterborne pathogens like; bacterial spores, fungi, protozoan, and helminth ova.
  • No need for a skills training in boiling water as long as it is boiled at the right heating temperature to kill waterborne diseases.
  • It is safe as against the fresh tap water.
  • Drinking boiled water everyday increases your blood circulation.
  • Some studies suggests that by drinking hot water, removes some built deposits in our nervous system. These deposits are responsible for creating negative thoughts and emotions.

There are still lots to learn about the importance of boiling water for the safety of our body against some major diseases that caused illness to some people especially children and adults who are vulnerable by drinking unsafe water.

How To Make Sure That You’re Drinking Pure Water

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Each household in the India will consume over a hundred liters each and every day. A household chore, as well as, maintaining the human life, is directly linked to water. Treatment of the water that is used in domestic situations is vitally important for ensuring the health and safety of all who are drinking it. The water needs to be free from anything that can cause it to adversely affect the activities it is needed for.

Bacteria, Viruses, And Parasites In The Water

There are so many different things in the water that can cause it to affect ones health and safety. Microorganisms can cause problems like diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera. The way to get rid of these harmful substances from the water is by providing the home with a quality water treatment system.

Boiling water has been one of the best and oldest ways to treat water to make it safe. It is thought of as a water treatment method. When water is boiled, it kills the harmful items that are found in the drinking water of you and me. It is thought to be the fastest and easiest way to clean and treat the water we use for drinking.

Using a mechanical water purifier is also an effective domestic drinking water treatment. This particular treatment is a slightly more expensive way to treat water than the boiling method but, it is faster. the water that you will get from a water purifier is already safe for drinking and it is available to you any time of the day or night as ling as the purifier is on and working properly.

Iron And Copper In The Water

Iron and copper are among some of the many metals that can be present in the water. If the water that is coming out of the faucet has a reddish tint, you can bet it has iron in it. If the water has a blue tint to it or stains the sink or pipe opening blue, you can safely assume the water is full of copper. These accumulated elements will each cause staining of the sink and will be noticeable.

Water treatments for domestic use are so important to make sure that the water is clean and free of these unwanted elements. Not only can your sink become stained but, the clothing that you wash will become tinged with a red or blue tint. These elements are also known to clog pipes if the water is not treated immediately.

Chlorine is a good element for the removal of the copper and iron in the drinking water. Adding chlorination to the water will help to remove microorganisms and also remove unwanted elements that can deposit itself in the water and pipes.

Even though there are great advancements in technology and new inventions for water treatment, the basic treatments are still some of the best to use. Not only are they easier but, they are also cheaper.

Five Reasons to Buy Water Purifier for Your School

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As a manager of your school, you should leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring pure water for your students. We all know that we cannot trust either municipal water supply or ground water supply to be pure these days, when the water pollution is prevalent, regardless of the locality. The only way by which you can make sure that your students are drinking pure and safe water is install a state-of-the-art water purifier. Here are five benefits of having a water purifier in a school:

  • Little students are prone to waterborne diseases. By having a water purifier in your school, you eliminate the chances of any waterborne disease.
  • The pipe of your school’s water supply might be rusted or corrugated. If you have an advanced water purifier in your school, you do not need to worry about anything. Your student will drink pure and safe water always.
  • The water processed by an advanced water purifier has a great taste. So the students drink more water in your school, which keeps them hydrated.
  • A water purifier offers the water full of healthy minerals, which help the students in your school to maintain good health.
  • A top-quality water purifier in your school is the sigh that you care for the students. The parents of students will feel that their children are in a good school. This will give a good name to your school.

Nasaka is a leading company offering a wide range of water purifiers based on Japanese Minjet technology. So, now, what are you waiting for? Buy a water purifier for your school and give your students pure and safe drinking water.

Ionization vs Reverse Osmosis Purification System: Which One is Better & Why

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This is a known fact that water purification systems remove contaminants and particles from water. The environment around us is getting polluted day by day. Thus, the private and public water supply systems usually need additional treatment to ensure purity in water. Purification devices remove chemicals, organisms as well as bad odor and taste. Both the RO (Reverse Osmosis) water and the ionization systems improve the condition of contaminated water.

In this modern age man has progressed and technology has been advanced widely. This leads to severe industrial and environmental pollution, requiring high quality water purification methods. RO membranes are created as cost-effective purification method and ionization method took advantage of molecular ion exchange.

Let’s explore in detail these two purification methods and know which one is better in making water safe for consumption.


By eliminating inorganic compounds, ionization softens hard water. In this process two sodium ions are exchanged for every magnesium or calcium ion using resin beads. The resin is regenerated after the ion exchange. However, particles or bacteria cannot be removed during this process from water. Though the initial investment is quite low for ionization, resin systems have high and long-term operating costs due to the resin bead replacement.

Reverse Osmosis:

RO water purifier removes around 90 to 99% of all water contaminants. The semipermeable membrane in the system removes salts, minerals, heavy metals and particulates. In an RO water purifier, water having more than the expected salt substance is put in one portion of a vessel with two compartments separated by special media and the hydraulic pressure is implemented on the water. As a result, pure water goes over the media to the next compartment whereas the salts stay in the first compartment. The semipermeable membrane is really fine and thus when the water flows through this every tiny contaminant and impurity can be caught and all you have pure and safe drinking water. This purifier also helps in removing harmful gases, bad odor and metallic taste from water. Thus, the water becomes completely refreshing.

Hope, you have realized by following the ionization to purify water you cannot have completely safe and potable water. Only an RO purification system makes water safe for consumption. Trusting an RO water purifier that is made using advanced technology is a wise decision to take. So, bring home the RO water purifier today, stop getting worried about the impurities in your water supply and live a healthy life stress-freely.

Opt for Water Purifier to Make Your Drinking Water Free from E. coli Bacteria

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Escherichia coli or E. coli is a type of fecal coliform bacteria that is commonly found in the intestines of humans and animals. If your tap water has E. coli inside, then this is the evidence of sewage or animal waste contamination.

This bacteria causes a number of food borne and waterborne diseases. The stains of the bacteria produce toxin in body. By drinking water that is contaminated with E. coli bacteria for long time, you will definitely suffer from severe diarrhea, abdominal cramps, gastrointestinal distress, headaches and other problems.

If you get infected by this bacteria, symptoms can usually appear within 2 to 4 days, and sometimes can take up to 8 days. But you should protect yourself from getting infected first of all. As the old adage says prevention is better than cure, you should look for means to get rid of this harmful bacteria.

Needless to say, water purifier is the best solution to diminish this bacteria and making the water pure, potable and safe for consumption. Especially an RO water purifier purifies the water by passing it through a semipermeable membrane, using the water pressure.

So, drink only purified water. Even wash vegetables and cook with this water to stay protected. Keep E. coli from invading the water supply at your home and live a healthier life.

Why It is Important to Drink More Amount of Pure & Safe Water During Pregnancy

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Pregnant or not, water is essential for everyone to keep the body healthy. Human body and all the organs need water to function properly. During pregnancy, body needs more water than usual to cope with the demands of the mother’s changing body.

Water is not only important for keeping the blood cells healthy and maintaining the body’s hydration, it also is an essential component of breast milk and important for good lactation.

The basic benefits of drinking water

Consumption of sufficient water prevents dehydration in body. During pregnancy dehydration can lead to numerous complications like headaches, oedema, nausea, dizziness and cramps. In the third trimester, drinking enough water is really important because dehydration can cause contractions that trigger preterm labour.

The best way to verify whether your body is properly hydrated or not is to check the color of your urine. If it’s pale or straw-colored, then everything is fine. If it is dark, then you should drink more water.

Some pregnant women feel that drinking water on a regular basis helps ease the symptoms of morning sickness, acidity, heartburn and indigestion. Water also helps in keeping the body cool, especially in the hot and humid months.

Urinary infection is very common during pregnancy. By drinking adequate amount of water you can certainly prevent the risk of urinary infection.

Adequate amount of water during pregnancy

At least three liters ( 8 to 12 glasses) of water every day should be consumed. During pregnancy doctor recommends to do some light exercises. For each hour of light exercises you do, add another glass of water. During summer, you need to drink more than usual to make up the fluid you lose through sweat.

Juices can also be included. But they can contain extra calories. Avoid caffeinated beverages, like coffee, colas, tea etc.

Ensure the water you drink is pure & safe

Day by day the pollution in the environment and soil is increasing. Thus, you should make sure the water you drink daily is purified in order to prevent the risks of many waterborne diseases. The water that you get directly from tap, well, or other resources carry a host of contaminants, bacterias, viruses, harmful gases etc. Such water causes severe health hazards and serious infections.

So install a water purifier at your home today. Even if you go out, carry a bottle of purified water with you always.

Always remember every ounce of pure and safe water helps ensure a healthy pregnancy

Tips to Follow while Buying RO Water Purifier

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Uncontaminated water is safe for consumption and this water is essential for human health. Thus, an array of technologies is used for eliminating contaminants, however they are quite unsuccessful in removing the life-threatening bacteria and viruses. Day by day people are becoming unwell for water-borne infections. So this is certainly a reason of being worried.

In India, millions of people have no access to pure water. They are bound to drink from the unhygienic watercourses and streams. A large proportion of fluoride, selenium, arsenic, chloride, nitrate etc. in water makes it impotable and unsafe.

When it comes to best water purifier for home, a lot of people choose Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier. In RO technology, a porous covering is used to obstruct all solute on one side leaving the solvent to surpass to the other side. As result, the water you get is unpolluted and protected.

So, if you are thinking about buying an RO water purifier, here are some tips that will help you bring home the best brand from the right place.

  • Never think twice while choosing the most advanced water purification technology of RO for having fresh testing, pure and safe water at home.
  • Make sure of buying water purifier of well reputed and reliable brand.
  • While purchasing RO purifier, ensure that water is just not only purified but also well protected in the storage tank.
  • The internal parts used in the purification system should be of excellent quality and food grade materials.
  • Some RO purifiers have specially-designed mineral cartridge, which helps water regain essential minerals, at the same time stay free from microbes. The mineral cartridges are composed of various mineralizing balls which help to improve the water quality for better body metabolism.
  • Levels of water contaminants are quite difficult for an untrained individual to determine, so when buying a purification system, be sure that the retailer is reputed, knowledgeable and experienced.

Whichever purification system you choose one thing you should keep in mind that keeping the system maintained is really important. You should change the filters as per the instructions, specified in manual to ensure that the water you and your family drink daily is clean and pure.

This is true that RO water purifier is one of the most effective methods of removing bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other contaminants from water. An RO water purification system is an expensive option, but its effectiveness and durability make it the most desirable for those who are in dire need of pure, safe, and fresh tasting odorless water in the home for always.

Is Borewell Water Safe for Drinking

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In our previous post, we already have given you a clear insight on how borewell water is becoming unsafe day by day, what the necessity of testing your area’s borewell water is, and how the water purifier can be saviour of you.

As we promised before, we will help you have a profound understanding about all the problems associated with borewell water in this post. Let’s have a look.

Arsenic in borewell water

This is one ofthe major issues of borewell water in many areas around the world. This can be dissolved in water and has no odor or taste, thus it is difficult for you to know about its presence in water unless the water is tested. So if you are about to use borewell water for consumption, then testing it for arsenic is important.

Consumption of such impure water for long can cause acute damage to health. You get slowly poisoned and with time you will face severe health hazards and even early death. Arsenic and other heavy metals are the most dangerous aspects of drinking well water.

Odor in borewell water

Sometimes borewell water smells like rotten egg due to being contaminated by sulfur compounds which cause Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)  gas to form in the water. This gas creates extremely bad odor , just like the smell of rotten egg, in water. In one of our previous posts, you can find more details about the harmful effect of this gas in drinking water and how it can be removed.

Muddy water problem

When the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particles’ presence in it, the water becomes turbid. dirt and mud in water can cause high level of turbidity and thus, the water becomes unsafe to drink.

Iron in borewell water

Iron is spotted almost everywhere on the surface of the earth. This is true that human body needs iron to function accurately. But iron, like many substances, is toxic at high dosages. Drinking iron contaminated borewell water for long can cause severe health problems. The taste of water becomes unpleasant. Using such water for cooking, dishwashing, washing clothes and many other household works should also be avoided, because iron can clog the home appliances, make the sinks,  tubs, pipes stained, and even affect food and beverages.

Hope, now you have got complete idea about the borewell related problems and how the contaminants make the water impotable and cause unpleasant taste and smell in water.

Best solution of making borewell water safe to drink is RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier. The advanced filtration technology used in such purifier is the most reliable and practical  way of getting rid of impurities dissolved in water. An RO water purifier has the capacity to remove even the metallic taste and odor from water.

So, go for RO purifier, and stop the damage borewell water causes from today.

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