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Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

By September 18, 2016blog

Did you know approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water. Water is equated with ‘life’ since it is the main regulator of out body’s function. It is the main source of energy transportation in our cells. All the electric and magnetic signals that our body uses are dependent on water. In the article below we will tell 5 most important benefits of drinking pure water.

1. Energizes The Skin

Pure water energizes the skin’s photo sensitive and energy sensitive nerve endings that recieve and transmit signals, making them more responsive, In simple words it makes your skin look more radiant and fresh. It also protects both the skin and mucous membrane barrier functions and acts as an antioxidant by flushing oxidants and other toxins out through the kidneys. In addition, the sinuses drain better when they are well hydrated and their mucous membrane is more resistant to infection.

2. Brain Vitality

Are body contains 60% of water, but did you know our brain is made up of almost 80% of water. Drinking pure water not only keeps you relaxed but also helps in better functioning of the brain.

3. Helps In Avoiding Diseases

Drinking pure water can help you stay hydrated for longer periods of time. Drinking pure water helps in decreasing the toxic levels in your body and protects you from ‘toxin overloading’. If you are drinking pure water than you can easily avoid diseases like typhoid, cholera etc.

4. Metabolism Booster

Pure water acts a natural booster of metabolism, if you are sweating it out at the gym and still not achieving the desired results, try drinking 8 glasses of pure water everyday. Regulating proper water flow in the body can shoot up your metabolism by upto 20%.

5. Kind To Your Kidney

Did you know that our kidneys process over 200 quarts of blood daily? It removes waste and transports urine to the bladder. Gosh! that’s a lot of work for our bean shaped organ, by drinking pure water you reduce the stress on your kidney.

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