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5 Daily Habits that will Help you Avoid the Risk of Cancer

By April 5, 2018blog, Health
Drink clean and purified water

Cancer contributes to being the most deadly disease across the globe. According to statistics, each year, almost one lakh people are diagnosed with this disease in India. You will be surprised to know that almost 1300 people die owing to this disease on a daily basis. No need to worry! The good news is that it is possible to prevent almost 70% causes of this disease. You just need to implement a few changes in lifestyle and follow the, on a daily basis. There is no doubt in the fact that saying no to tobacco products, exercise and diet are the very first line of defense. However, according to the latest research, several small and surprising ways have come up that will be helpful in preventing several diseases on a daily basis. Here are the 5 daily habits, which you should build up in order to avoid the chances of cancer:

Drink clean and purified water

Drinking clean and purified water is recognized to be the first step to avoiding the chances of being diagnosed with cancer. With the rise in the amount of pollution, it is a prerequisite to take the right steps for purifying the water prior to drinking the same. The traditional process of boiling water is not sufficient for removing the impurities which are present in water. Drinking purified water, however, does not indicate that you will be able to load up on the bottled water. The plastic bottles which are used in order to store water comprise of carcinogens that raise the chances of cancer. Installing of water purifier post to testing quality water is helpful in the removal of purities and making water safer for the purpose of drinking.

Make sure to drink water in an abundant amount

Another simple habit you should make up for the prevention of cancer is drinking water in adequate amount. Dehydration has an effect on the metabolism and the natural healing procedure. Drinking sufficient amount of water is beneficial in the reduction of allergic symptoms, thereby making you feel more alert and energetic. The amount of water you require drinking is dependent on the weight of your body, the climatic conditions of the place you stay, physical activities and gender. If you have the habit of sweating excessively, you require enhancing the intake of water. In addition to this, you should prefer drinking normal water over iced or cold ones as they are beneficial for the digestive system.

Investing in the RO water purifier

The only option for reducing contamination is investing in RO water purifier. Buying an RO water purifier of premium quality is helpful in order to ensure that the water you are drinking is of pure quality. These devices are capable of removing different harmful contaminants like chlorine, arsenic, debris and synthetic toxins from water, thereby making it perfectly safe for consumption. Arsenic which is present in drinking water enhances the changes in skin cancer. On the other hand, the presence of chlorine in water can result in preterm birth, low birth weight and death of fetal.

Consumption of green leafy vegetables

You should say no to junk food completely and intake green leafy vegetables. As you eat regular lunch or salads, you should include one type of green leafy vegetable. The chlorophyll, conferring the green color to the vegetables is loaded with magnesium and plays an indispensable role in reducing the chances of cancer. Lack of the right amount of magnesium may have an effect on replication and cell division. Intaking half cup of spinach on a daily basis is enough to include 75 mg of magnesium. Intaking fresh and green leafy vegetables are also beneficial in reducing the chances of cancer.


Moderate exercises like brisk walking are known to reduce the chances of cancer. Extra accumulation of fats is known to produce estrogen which is known to be one of the primary contributors to cancer. Regular exercise is known to burn fat, thereby decreasing the risks of cancer manifolds.


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